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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

We do not collect store or use any other information from our website what so ever.

Please find below our current process from October 2020 in line with GDPR Regulation of 2018.

All mechanical Hard Drives that come into our possession regardless of interface
Below 500 GB will be passed to a third party for destruction in which a Manual GDPR certificate will be issued based on Weight.

All mechanical Hard Drives above 500GB regardless of interface will be electronically wiped, and may be resold depending on condition.

All SSD drives will be electronically wiped, and may be resold depending on condition.

All Hard Drives and SSD Drives will be tracked via serial numbers.

CD/DVD media
All CD/DVD media will be shredded.

Tape Drives
All tape drive with be physically destroyed. which a manual  certificate can be issued

Special requests
Should you require any drives to be destroyed completely regardless of capacity whether being  SSD or mechanical please draw this to our attention upon collection, which we will quarantine the drive until destruction. A manual  certificate can be issued

Should you require any further information please not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

Disclaimer – Please ensure that all personal data is removed prior to any collection as we cannot be held responsible for any GDPR Data Breaches – E&Oe

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